Sunday, 4 July 2010

If you go down to the woods today...

I've finally got myself a lonesome little cabin in the woods, with thanks to Zynga and FrontierVille.
But it turns out the forest is not a place for R&R as I seem to spend most of my time clobbering bears, gophers and snakes. And then there are the animals to take care of. Sheesh, they never stop eating!
I'm plum tuckered out, and more than a little worried about one of my chickens, which laid a cannon ball the other day.... Yes, a cannon ball...That can't be good...

If you fancy giving life on the frontier a go, then visit Zynga's site for more details on where you can find the game online.

What else has gotten my attention recently? Let's see...

ESCAPE - iclone musical movie project

I have finally finished the audio track arrangement for Escape. Unfortunately, I doubt that even if I ever manage to complete shooting the remaining scenes, that I will be releasing this video for public viewing. The audio is the problem. I want the movie to have a rock opera sound.
It's only one song, and it's supposed to be a duet. There are also parts of the track that require chorus singers. Um, I had to improvise and do all the vocals myself, and as everyone knows, I'm not a singer, lol, so altho I have the arrangement the way I want it, I think that's as far as I'm going to get with that.

UPDATED - 23rd October
Lyrics Video For Escape

And speaking of singing, my pal Allpoint, recently released a little video to entertain us with his musical vocal talent. "Why I didn't enter TMOA idol"
Pretty fancy boat he's got there too.

It's all good :)

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