Thursday, 1 July 2010


Echoes from Raven Angel on Vimeo.

The movie, Echoes, is an extract/adaptation from my work in progress novel
"Memories of Eternity" which is my 3rd novel.
Althought I am already a published writer, all 3 books are not, and never will be sent to print as I tend to write the longer stories for my own amusement only.

Normally the genre I write is supernatural horror, but Memories of Eternity is different. It does have elements of the supernatural and horror, but primarily it is in fact a love story which begins at the dawn of time, and follows the two main characters of the movie Echoes. Their names are Raven (male) and Angel (female) so that might give you a clue as to where my user name came from :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy the 12 minute movie above.

Hear me calling - Echoes mix, end of project music video. Best viewed with the sound turned down.

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