Saturday, 24 July 2010



Man, just take a look at you.
Boy, you're a sorry sight.
You haven't even got a friend
who'll talk to you tonight.
Your woman's gone and left you,
she couldn't stand the strain
of all the hurtful things you said
that only caused her pain.
So you're drowning your sorrows
from an empty glass,
stumbling and falling
while the years roll past.
Your days keep getting longer
but time is running out
Still you don't have a clue
what life is all about.
Man, I've been there.
Been lonely, been blue.
Been lost in the wilderness
that you're going through.
So let me take you by the hand,
I'll help you stand again.
I can't promise sanity
or to take away the pain.
But I can ease the darkness
maybe help you put things right,
so come,
take my hand,
I'll be your friend tonight.

Raven2angel © 2002

1 of 3 works from
The People's Poet Anthology 2
ISBN - 0954362144

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